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"I make $100’s…even $1,000’s a day on YouTube"



    You read it right, and it’s TRUE. Further down this page, I will PROVE it to you with screen shots of my account, but right now I want to start by telling you “the 3 facts” that make it possible for me to make this kind of money!

FACT 1: Google NOW provides YouTube video content on their FIRST page of search results!

FACT 2: Understanding and utilizing YouTube marketing techniques will help you get your sites to the TOP of Google search results for your chosen keywords!"

FACT 3: You DON’T need to spend a dime on expensive pay per click campaigns OR SEO experts to do this; ALL you need is a FREE YouTube account!


    Everyone KNOWS that being able to drive large amounts of targeted traffic to your site is the ONLY way to make any REAL money online, NO MATTER what type of site you are promoting!


    To get targeted traffic in the past, you either had to pay BIG money (and cross your fingers) for a PPC campaign, OR you had to pay BIG money to a SEO specialist (and keep your fingers crossed). Both of these strategies are hit or miss, and MOST people GO BROKE using them.

    There is another option for driving TARGETED traffic, and believe it or not, it is FREE to use! It’s called!

    Did you KNOW that when Google partnered up with YouTube, they made YouTube function more like Google? It’s TRUE! Google also realized that people PREFER to get their search results as VIDEOS instead of pages and pages of text, so they started providing YouTube video content on the FIRST page of search results on Google!


WHAT this did was


the Internet has seen in MANY years! To TAKE ADVANTAGE of this opportunity, ALL you need to do is LEARN the proper techniques for marketing on YouTube!

    There are all kinds of so called “traffic blasters” and “friend adders” out there for YouTube, but those are GIMMICKS and DON’T put any money in YOUR pocket. They WON’T get you on the FIRST page of Google and YouTube Search pages for your keywords, and they WON’T drive LOADS of targeted traffic to your website either…ONLY true marketing PRINCIPLES and TECHNIQUES can do that!

    My company, “The Method Reports, llc” is the ONE Company online that has already RESEARCHED, TESTED, and PROVEN our marketing techniques and search optimization results on YouTube, and has created the FIRST, EASY TO FOLLOW course that TEACHES you our proven techniques!

THIS is what OUR course WILL do for YOU!


HUGE increases in YOUR “video views”….

“Channel views” ROCKETING sky high….

LOADS of new subscribers and friends to YOUR channel

TOTAL domination of your chosen keywords on YouTube

GETTING your videos on YouTube’s 1st PAGE search results

LANDING on 1st page Google search results

An EXPONENTIAL increase in traffic for YOUR website(s)!

SWELLING of YOUR bank account due to increased sales!




HUNDREDS of customers CAN’T be wrong…Just see what they are SAYING about “The YouTube Marketing Course!

So, What goes into creating a
course like this?
10 YEARS experience in Marketing AND Sales
5 YEARS studying Marketing & Management (2 Degrees)
2 YEARS research and testing on

3 MONTHS compiling the information and techniques, and creating a complete course that could be EASILY read and understood by the masses!


    For you to gather all this information yourself would take YEARS of hard work, LOST time and opportunity, not to mention student loans in excess of $80,000!

    I have SAVED you A LOT of time AND money by doing this ALL for you, and STUFFING it into “The YouTube Marketing Course”, and offering it to you for ONLY $47!


The reason this course is priced SO MUCH lower than you would expect is actually two-fold:

    FIRST, I know that by pricing it so reasonably, MORE people will be able to afford it and USE the techniques to EXPLODE their own online businesses! And happy customers are GREAT for future business!

    SECONDLY, I KNOW that by using the SAME marketing techniques I put INTO the course, I WILL sell hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of copies, so I KNOW I will make enough money to cover all the time and effort I put into creating it! Basically, I am putting my money where my mouth is! I guess NOW would be a GOOD time to show you the PROOF of the money I make USING the SAME TECHNIQUES I put into The YouTube Marketing Course! The following is a screen shot of just 1 of my online sales account…JUST UNDER $10,000!


**To make ABSOLUTELY SURE that I am giving YOU the MOST value you can get for your money, ANYWHERE online, I have decided to do something MORE than just lower the price…I am GIVING YOU EVEN MORE for your money!

    For ordering your copy of "The YouTube Marketing Course" TODAY, I will GIVE you THREE BONUSES to COMPLETE your Marketing arsenal!

BONUS #1: The "Original" Method Report for Craigslist Marketing ($49 Value)

 "The Method Report 2"…The original “Method Report” was BANNED by Craigslist because it raked in SO MUCH money!

These are the techniques that I used to MAKE over $14,000 in a MONTH on Craiglist! Craigslist changes their rules frequently, but this book gives you the SAME techniques I used to rake in the dough! USE WITH CAUTION :)


This is a sample of what you'll get:

The TOP marketing strategies for use on Craigslist
HOW to sell anything, even if it’s NOT YOURS!
HOW to USE Craigslist account data as a CASH generator!
PULLING the CASH out of the “FREE section” on CL!
Writing ATTRACTIVE HEADLINES for your posts
CREATING a network of people who PAY YOU DAILY
AVOIDING the most common MISTAKE on Craigslist
HOW TO get your posts CLICKED ON!
ACTUAL samples of my OWN ads that PULL in CASH
My list of “creative services” that RAKE in the DOUGH!
And MUCH MORE…90 pages total of Craigslist profit strategies!

I'm Clicking Here To Get Started!


BONUS #2: "Instant Viral Exposure" for Social Media Marketing ($49 Value)

"Instant Viral Exposure"…Your guide to CREATING a MASSIVE online presence using social media marketing, from TOP experts in the field, “The Gutz Marketing Academy”…

"Instant Viral Exposure" is one of the MOST complete guides ever created for business owners and online marketers looking to create HUGE streams of targeted traffic through their links using the TOP social media networking sites in the WORLD!

This is a sample of what you'll get:

OVER 1,000 resource sites to GROW your online business!
200+ FREE advertising sites to help you get started.
The 16 MUST HAVE marketing tools (all free)
HOW to use the 16 tools together for MAXIMUM RESULTS
The TOP 15 “must do” items in Web 2.0 Marketing
GETTING a FREE capture page (sales page)
“FREE to use” Auto responders to INCREASE your conversions!
Research comparisons of ALL the major social media sites…
SO much MORE, it would take 3 pages to list it ALL (no kidding)!

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BONUS #3: AND... "Six Figure Affiliate Secrets EXPOSED!" ($49 Value)

  "Six Figure Affiliate Secrets EXPOSED"…Affiliates make MONEY selling products they never see, handle, ship, or store! This BONUS resource SHOWS you everything you need to KNOW to get in on this instant stream of INCOME!

     This is a MUST READ manual for ANY affiliate marketer serious about making SALES! This manual was originally created to TEACH our own affiliates how to make the cash register go CHA CHING, so you can BET we put our BEST info into it…


This is a sample of what you'll get:

How to find a QUALITY affiliate program to join
How to MAKE SURE you get PAID
What your #1 objective SHOULD be as an affiliate
The 2 types of affiliates, and HOW they promote…
The TOP 6 forms of paid advertising affiliates USE
24 sources of FREE ADVERTISING for your affiliate links
The SUPRISING FACT about 95% of ALL Affiliates…
What MOST affiliate programs DON’T tell you…
HOW to use a programs “back office” correctly
First AND second tier programs EXPLAINED fully…
Much MORE!


These FOUR products combined are almost $200 WORTH of marketing materials… ALMOST 500 PAGES of PROVEN Internet Marketing techniques, for JUST $47!

This is a ONE TIME payment, NOT a recurring charge, and there is NOTHING else to buy! And EVERYTHING I teach you in these books is FREE to use! Imagine being able to generate THOUSANDS of dollars for yourself online, WITHOUT having to PAY for advertising!


Did you know that you’re also PROTECTED by a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

That’s RIGHT! When you purchase “The YouTube Marketing Course”, you get a “no questions asked”, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! IF you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we will refund 100% of your purchase price, AND you get to keep the THREE BONUS Ebooks!

     YOU risk ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when you do business with my company! I, Robert Bankston, make myself personally available to ALL customers who have questions or concerns…

     MY PERSONAL phone number is (631) 897-1288. THIS ISN’T an answering service, a secretary, OR an “un-answered” number…it’s MY personal cell number (I’ve had the SAME number for over 8 YEARS)!


    Yes, I Want The YouTube Marketing Course NOW!

    The Internet MOVES at the speed of light, and the opportunities of today DON’T last forever! You can either TAKE ACTION and LEARN HOW to rake in HUNDREDS of DOLLARS a day or more from YouTube and Google, or you can sit back and WATCH other people do it!


    EVERYDAY you let pass without USING these PROVEN techniques is a day you LOSE MONEY! Procrastination causes LOST opportunities, and a LOSS of potential income.

Can you AFFORD to lose money in an economy like this?

Click HERE to get “The YouTube Marketing Course” NOW”!

    You get it INSTANTLY, along with the THREE BONUS Ebooks I mentioned before, and it is BACKED by our 100% MONEY BACK guarantee!


P.S. Don’t forget WHAT you can EXPECT when you USE the techniques in “The YouTube Marketing Course”:

HUGE increases in YOUR “video views”….

“Channel views” ROCKETING sky high….

LOADS of new subscribers and friends to YOUR channel

TOTAL domination of your chosen keywords on YouTube

GETTING your videos on YouTube’s 1st PAGE search results

LANDING on 1st page Google search results

An EXPONENTIAL increase in traffic for YOUR website(s)!


SWELLING of YOUR bank account due to increased sales!


P.S.S. DON'T FORGET about the THREE BONUSES WORTH $150 IF you order right now! We can’t do this forever, so TAKE ADVANTAGE of this offer before it is discontinued!

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, Remember that doing business with our company is 100% RISK FREE, THANKS to our “no questions asked” Money Back Guarantee!

Don’t let another day go by HOPING to find a product that will help you take your website AND Income to the next level…


Yes, I Want To Get “The YouTube Marketing Course” NOW!




I appreciate your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon! 
Best in business!

Best regards,

Robert D. Bankston
The Method Reports, llc


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